KUDO’s To You: Welcome

Hello and welcome to TriGeek!
We’re looking for assistance over the next few weeks in using the workout log portion of the systen, with specific emphasis on the KUDO system that gives athletes a very quick way to enter workouts. With KUDO, athletes type a simple, formatted text message in their mobile device and send it to a special e-mail address. If the athlete has an account with the TriGeek system, and has their mobile device ‘e-mail address’ entered in their account, the TriGeek system will read their message and add the entry to their workout log. It’s the fastest way to log workouts: no logging in, no large entry forms to fill out.
Here are the steps to get you started:

  1. Sign up using the “New User” link from the home page. When you sign up, you’ll be asked for your “Mobile Number”. What is needed here is the e-mail address your mobile number is associated with. This will be used by the system to recognize who sends in the workout. If you don’t know your address, you might try to send an e-mail from your mobile phone/device to your own computer e-mail account to see what your phone e-mail address looks like (for more info, see http://tinywords.com/about/mobile/).
  2. Try logging in, and entering a workout manually from the Workouts page that appears.
  3. In the Workouts page You can review/edit/delete previous workouts and diary entries by clicking on the day.
  4. Try sending a text message workout to your account. For details on using KUDO, with example text messages, please see the post titled “KUDO Basics” in the “TriGeek Help – KUDO” category.

Please contact us with any ideas, bugs, or feedback. To contact us, find the “Contact us” link from the home page.

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