KUDO Basics

TriGeek has a workout logging feature, called KUDO, which let’s you send workout log entries via text messages. So, if you have text messaging capability (like unlimited text messaging, where you don’t need to pay anything to try this out), and your carrier’s text messages can be sent to e-mail addresses (important), we could use some help testing over the next week or two.  This should only take a few minutes here and there to test. 

In order to use KUDO, send a message to a@kudo.us.  This is a TriGeek system email account, and it’s used by our server software to read your message(s), interpret them, and save your workout afterwhich the e-mail is deleted. 

Here are a few examples of KUDO entries:

A fun 10K race, completed in 1 hour 1 minute: 

  • 3 **10k *1:01:00 #4 fun race
  • 3 !10k ?1:01:00 -4 fun race

A “trail run” for time; 30 minutes

  • 3 *30 trail run

6 by 200m repeats swimming at avg 4 min each: 

  • 1 **200m ***6 **4

Repeat of one of my previous workouts, with a different time and/or intensity.  Note: you have to know the template number (in this case, 495) to make this type of entry.

  • ##495 *60 #5

Workout Elements

The different pieces of workout entry information you can send are listed below.  The only rules are:

  1. the type of sport (1 for swim, 2-bike, 3- run, 0-other) needs to be the first character in the message, and
  2. you must have a space between each part of the log entry. 

Many of these pieces have two ways that they can be expressed, or two different punctuation ‘markers’ that let TriGeek KUDO know what you mean.  The different methods are included to make it easier to enter workouts on a difference types of phones or devices.

Type/Sport (1 swim, 2 bike, 3 run, 0 other)
Example: 1

Time: (assumed minutes, hh:mm:ss)
Example: *67
Alternate Example: *1:07:03
Alternate Example: ? 67

Example: **6.4 (mi, m, k)
Alternate Example: !6.4

Example: ***3
Alternate Example: ,3

Intensity (1 low (20%), 2 med (40%), 3 med-hard (60%), 4 hard (80%), 5 100%)
Example: #5
Alternate Example: -5

Previous workout ID:
Example: ##495
Alternate Example: @495

Max Heart Rate:
Example: ###165
Alternate Example:  :165
Example: /05/01/08
Alternate Example: /05/01/08

Example: trail run

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