Deviled Eggs with a TriGeek Twist

This is a quick, high protein snack that we’ve come to enjoy.  The switch from a traditional deviled egg is to fill each 1/2 hard-boiled egg with a tablespoon of hummus as opposed to the usual mixture that includes some ingredients we like to reduce.

The taste is quite similar to what you might be used to, similar texture, creaminess, and a flavor that you can control based on the type of hummus you choose. Plain hummus has a mixture of flavors…olive oil, garlic, citrus/lemon, and just enough salt.

The basic numbers are good too:  A two-egg helping is about 150 calories (hard-boiled eggs, no yolk, 17 calories each and 3.5grams of protein; and hummus has 3.5 grams of good fat, 2 grams of protein and some carbs and a little fiber).


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