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Log your workouts and receive free training gear, shipping included, subject to the terms and conditions below. The whole goal here is to have an incentive, and reward folks, for getting that training in. Fill out the form below to redeem your gear.
  • Your log entries must be verified (counted) and must be entered manually via our web site or via our KUDO text system, and cannot be generated by any automated process. Detection of automated entries will forfeit your request for training gear.
  • This promotion will run while supplies last.
  • Shipping included to U.S. residents only.
Trigeek Workout Pack: 45 workout entries
Trigeek Fleece Jacket: 125 workout entries
Sizes available: medium, large, and extra large
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Trigeek Fleece Jacket - medium (125 log entries)
Trigeek Fleece Jacket - large (125 log entries)
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